Until recently, asset allocators were presented with two categories of research management tools 1) all-in-one platforms that try to solve for portfolio management, analytics, research, and CRM functions and 2) single-purpose research tools that historically have been siloed, on-premise solutions. 

Research management software (RMS) has significantly evolved over the past several years, with many vendors now offering best-of-breed, more intuitive, and open API access RMS solutions. This software evolution is prompting many asset allocators to take a step back and strategically review their existing tools in place to determine if they are effectively meeting the firm's needs. 

With a lot of great software and services out there, it can be overwhelming to select the right solution that will satisfy your team's needs and operating goals. 

This guide aims to help research teams at asset owners, LPs and allocators assess their existing tools and determine if they are effectively meeting their needs, gather employee feedback and identify goals for the new software, and search for and interview software providers ensuring all their needs are met.

We know that this might seem daunting at first, but we've compiled industry statistics, best practices, and insightful tips and tricks that will be sure to help you out no matter what stage you're in with your new RMS solution search.  

We encourage you to share this list of resources with your team, figure out what your RMS needs are, and develop your own search and selection process: