We were proud to be a sponsor of the AITEC Gives Back 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament this year for the first time.

The event itself brought together industry veterans, service providers and friends for golf, dinner, drinks and good conversation, as well as an opportunity to truly give back to the community.

Our favorite part (and we believe everyone else's there as well) was when the recipient organizations spoke about what they do.

 Groundwork USA described the way they engage the youth in their target communities to connect with their peers and, as a team work on community projects, teaching them about the environment, teamwork and community to provide them an opportunity for growth.

Lynnette Bukowski, a widow of a Veteran Navy SEAL, and her daughter, spoke about LZ Grace, a 38 acre farm turned into a retreat for veterans coming home from war. They shared a beautiful video of the grounds and the services they provide, demonstrating how they truly help returning veterans re-acclimate to life after war. 

And finally we were introduced to Catch a Lift, an organization that provides veterans access to gyms, fitness programs and gym equipment anywhere in the United States. We heard from Jimmy, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, describe how he survived a 3 week coma after a direct attack, and how once he returned to the U.S., his life was turned upside down.

He shared his difficult ordeal and how after connecting with Catch a Lift, he slowly began to rebuild his life, both physically and mentally, losing over 100 lbs., reconnecting with his family, and reducing his dependence on medication. He had the entire room on their feet for a standing ovation. 

These wonderful people stood up to thank the crowd for the support they received, but everyone knew the opposite was true; we need to thank them for allowing us to do what we do with the freedom that we take for granted too often. The standing ovation was a testament to that!

Well done AITEC, thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate and be the real beneficiaries of this event and charity drive.