Hey Asset Managers, Do You Know Who Is Visiting Your Website?: 

While many have taken the time to design and launch their asset management firm’s website, few have made meaningful steps to take action on the data their website captures. Discover a few ways you can begin to leverage website activity data to make more strategic fund marketing decisions.

5 Questions to Consider When Searching for an Asset Management Content Management System (CMS):

When it comes to choosing a CMS, it can be hard to know what platform out of the many options makes the most sense for your firm or what questions you should be asking from your prospective providers. Fear not! We are here to help you gain some clarity in your CMS evaluation and selection process.

10 Outstanding Asset Management Website Designs:

A list of 10 asset managers who absolutely nailed their website design, content, and structure. Review these designs as inspiration for yours!

4 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Fund Document Portal:

Reporting and sharing critical fund and account level information is essential for any hedge fund, private equity, and traditional asset manager to meet investor, advisor, and regulator demands for transparency. Many firms have digitalized how they distribute documents and reports by adding a secure document portal to their asset management website. Check out these 4 must have document library features to ensure yours is up-to-par. 


The 5 Best Practice Features to Optimize Your Fund Website Page:

Fund website pages are one of the most visited pages on an asset manager's website and provide a unique opportunity to articulate to prospective investors why your product is so unique and would add value to their portfolio. Check out some of the industry's best practices for showcasing your funds.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics for Asset Managers:  

How do you ensure your website is discoverable for web searches that matter to your firm? The answer... a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This can be a foreign concept to many people, especially those in the asset management industry who just recently started focusing on building their digital presence. This brief guide will help you create the foundation of your firm's SEO strategy.  

Content is Important Dagnabit! A fund Managers Guide to Creating and Amplifying Content: 

Over the last few years, the asset management industry has undergone a host of changes, many due to the broad-reaching trend toward digital transformation. Quality content generates more website traffic, boosts engagement, and results in more leads than many other marketing activities while driving higher conversion rates. Use this short guide to help your firm go about creating great content for your website.

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